Dealers' Room
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Purchase Tables and Dealer Memberships

This Dealers Room List will be updated as the Dealers register.

Dealers' Room Hours

Friday 5 pm - 8 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 10 am - 3 pm

Business Name Category Website
Angelwear Creations Jewelry
Another Grungy Hole-in-the-Wall (A.G.H.I.T.W) Bookstore Used SF
Auntie Arwen’s Spices/
Crystal Connection/
Hutnik’s Used Books
Gemstones, Spices, Fudge, Used SF, coffee, etc
Author Guy New SF, mysteries, other books
Patrick Thomas & The Bulfinche's Pub Literary Road Show new sf, t-shirts, mysteries, art books, magazine
Carol B. Meyerson Designs Jewelry
Dark Quest Books
Sidhe na Daire
New SF, costume horns
Fabric Dragon jewelry, beads & semi-precious stones, costumers' supplies
Griffon’s Claw Armoury weapons, jewelry
Henna Dancer & amp; Conflair Buttons henna, glitter body art, costumes, buttons
Llium S Hernson tarot cards and readings, runecraft works, other Wiccan items
Kuriouser & Kuriouser (Studio Hibernacula) jewelry, costumers' supplies, relics, curiosities, wonders
Jason Deeble - Monster Haiku Art & illustrated books, comics, t-shirts, models
Larry Smith Books New SF, mysteries
Mark E Rogers new books, art & illustrated books
Roy A Mauritsen new books, art & illustrated books, DVD/CD
Muffin Buttons buttons, jewelry
Modern Myths, Inc comics, tee shirts, games & toys, RPG books & accessories
Niekas Magazines, Fanzines
Nightshade Industries, LLC steampunk items & gadgets, weapons, jewelry, costumers' supplies, video/CD/DVD
Phoenix Pick / Arc Manor new books we publish, including those of the GoH
Pine Hill Books used sf, collectable hardcovers, comics, magazines
Poetic Earth Handcrafted Journals & Satchels, handmade leather goods, artist sketchbooks, Steampunk
Poison Pen Press New costume books, historic cookbooks, fantasy, murder mysteries
Riri's Pottery Haus stoneware pottery, handmade copper & silver wire wrapped jewelry, cookie molds
Note: Located In Hallway
Robert Quill, Artist for Hire Commissioned Portraits
Note: Located In Hallway
Seegers & Fein Glass Handmade Glass Paperweights
Author:Russ Colchamiro New SF
Dale Kagan/Twelfth Night Press new books Books Available on Kindle from Amazon
Author Keyword Dale Kagan